Custom Sublimation Patches For Hats

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Custom sublimation hat patches allow for vibrant full-color printing with your unique text and designs. Similar to our embroidered badges, these sublimated patches are finished with a merrow border in a thread color of your choosing.

Each patch order includes a Free roll of Thermal Tape.

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Watch - Apply with a Heatpress
Watch - Apply with a Heatpress
Patch Size Guide
Patch Size Guide
  • Product
    Preferred Size
  • Hat Square/Circle Patch
    2 inches
  • Hat Rectangle Patch
    4 inches
  • Front Left Chest Shirt
    4 inches
  • Sleeve
    3 inches
  • Back Neckline
    3 inches
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Sublimation Patch Examples

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Incredible Detail and Brightness Sublimated Patch

Incredible Detail & Brightness

Full Color Sublimated Patch

Photo Realistic & Full Color

Dye Sublimation Patch Custom Shape Clean Edges

Custom Shapes & Clean Edges

Product Details

Introducing Custom Sublimation Patches for Hats by Ninja Patches! Elevate your headwear game with our vibrant, full-color patches designed specifically for hats. Say goodbye to dull designs and hello to a bold and modern way to showcase your style.

Crafted using cutting-edge sublimation techniques, our patches boast vivid hues and intricate graphics seamlessly fused into the fabric. No fading or peeling here—these patches are built to last, ensuring your hat stays looking fresh and sharp.

Choose from our selection of versatile backing options to suit your preferences: opt for the tried-and-true heat-applied backing, the convenience of peel-and-stick, or the flexibility of Velcro. The choice is yours, ensuring hassle-free application every time.

And the best part? Enjoy unbeatable savings with our bulk discounts, saving up to 70% on larger orders. Whether you're decking out your entire team or stocking up for events, Ninja Patches has you covered.

Elevate your hat game with custom sublimation patches from Ninja Patches—where style meets durability, and every design tells a story.


  • Our custom sublimation patches for hats are meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art sublimation techniques, guaranteeing vibrant, high-definition graphics that are seamlessly infused into the fabric. Say goodbye to dull colors and hello to eye-catching designs that pop.
  • We understand the importance of longevity, which is why our patches undergo rigorous testing to ensure they maintain their vivid colors and structural integrity even after over 50 wash cycles. Rest assured, your hat patches will stay looking fresh and sharp for the long haul.
  • Quality is our top priority. Each order is meticulously inspected by our team of skilled designers to ensure that every patch precisely matches your specified design and quality standards. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
  • Speaking of satisfaction, we stand by the quality of our product 100%. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we'll reprint your order at no additional cost. Your happiness is our mission.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of the patches we create for you. If you are not satisfied, we will reprint with a new or revised file at no additional charge.

Learn more here.

Pressing Instructions

Click here to watch our Hat Press Instructions tutorial.

To ensure your patch looks professionally pressed every time, follow these four simple steps.

  1. Position Your Patch: Since your hat will be facing upwards when it’s getting pressed, place your patch onto the desired area on your hat and secure it by taping it to the hat with Thermal Tape (heat resistant tape). 
  2. Load Hat Onto Hotronix® 360 IQ™ Hat Press: Now that the patch is taped onto the hat, it’s time to load your hat onto the press. With the brim of your hat pointing upwards, fit the hat around the lower platen, as if the lower platen is actually wearing the hat. Lay a teflon sheet over the patch. This will protect the patch from any potential heat damage while pressing.
  3. Press: Set the top platen heat of your press to 280°F and the bottom platen heat to 320°F. You’ll then want to enter the pressure settings. The Hotronix® 360 IQ™ Hat Press allows you to manually input your desired pressure settings on a scale from 1-9 on the front screen. We’ve found that medium pressure (4-6) yields the best results. After entering the heat and pressure settings, set the timer on your press to 45 seconds. Then, lower the top platen to lock your hat into place and initiate the pressing process. Once the 45 seconds are up, lift the top platen and allow the hat to cool for 30 seconds before removing from the press. This allows the melted glue to solidify, thereby bonding it to your hat.

Art Upload Recommendations

All file types accepted, vector files are always preferred, raster art should be at least 300 DPI.

Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity and maintain the integrity of your patch, follow the care instructions below:

  • Washing: Turn the garment inside out before washing. Use cold or lukewarm water, select a gentle cycle, and a mild detergent. Avoid hot water, bleach, and fabric softeners to prevent weakening the adhesive and fabric. Patches from Ninja Patches are built to last up to 50 wash cycles.
  • Drying: Air dry the garment or use a low heat setting on your dryer. Avoid high heat as it can cause the patch to shrink or the adhesive to weaken.

Order Issues & Reprints

If you don’t love the patch you receive, please let us know within 45 days of receiving your products, by phone, email, or live chat. We will be unable to replace or refund any orders brought to our attention after 45 days of confirmed delivery by our carriers.

Sometimes we will need your assistance to get the order right, and might request a photo or further instructions before reproducing an order. Just so we know how to make it right! We will never ask you to return products before we reproduce a damaged or misprinted order.

You can submit a formal order issue through our Order Issue Form here.


Sublimation patches for hats are also called full color printed patches. They allow for vibrant designs that are eye-catching yet highly detailed. With incredible detail and brightness, they’re the perfect addition to all types of hats including beanies, trucker hats, snapbacks, baseball caps and more. 

Sublimation patches for hats can be photorealistic, meaning they are suitable for almost any type of design. With the ability to create custom shapes for your patches and enjoy clean edges (with or without a merrow border), there’s no better choice for your hat design.

The main difference between sublimation patches for hats and embroidered patches is the intricate details the sublimated patches offer. While embroidered patches can produce almost any design, sublimation patches for hats are full color printed, meaning there are less restrictions on the intricacy of the design and the number of colors included. However, both are extremely durable and popular options for those looking to customize their hats.

For the best of both worlds, opt for our print and stitch patches, which combine the unique qualities of both full color print and embroidered patches. Browse our custom patches for hats for more options.

Choose between circle, oval, square and rectangle shapes as our standard offerings. Alternatively choose a custom shape to bring your unique creation to life.

With our custom sublimation patches for hats, there are no limitations with the design that you want to upload. Whether it’s a photo, a brand logo, a name, a message or a simple icon, the potential design options are limitless with this patch style.

There is a minimum order quantity of 25 pcs for our custom sublimation patches for hats.