Chenille Patches

Chenille patches offer the timeless look of classic varsity letters with the versatility of modern design. These patches feature a plush, textured surface that stands out, paired with a sturdy felt background, making them perfect for jackets, sweaters, and bags. Each patch can be customized with a variety of bold colors and can include intricate details and lettering.

Watch - Apply with a Heatpress
Watch - Apply with a Heatpress
Patch Size Guide
Patch Size Guide
  • Product
    Preferred Size
  • Hat Square/Circle Patch
    2 inches
  • Hat Rectangle Patch
    4 inches
  • Front Left Chest Shirt
    4 inches
  • Sleeve
    3 inches
  • Back Neckline
    3 inches

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Plush Texture & Soft Touch

Plush Texture & Soft Touch

Custom Shapes & Clean Edges

Custom Shapes & Clean Edges

Almost Any Design Possible

Almost Any Design Possible

Chenille Closeups with Hot Spots

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Perfectly Clean Edge Stitch

We put time and attention into beautiful and clean finishing

Full Color Chenille

Use upto 15 colors in your logo for no additional fee

Custom Die Cut Shapes

We can handle any shape for your logo, letters, or design


Chenille patches are a type of decorative patch often used on varsity jackets, sweaters, and other garments. They are characterized by their fuzzy, velvet-like texture and are made by inserting short lengths of yarn into a backing material. These patches are popular for displaying letters, numbers, and symbols, and are commonly associated with school or team spirit.

Chenille patches are made by placing yarn between two layers of backing material, then stitching it together with a loop stitch, which creates the characteristic soft, fuzzy surface. This process often involves a combination of hand-guided machines and manual sewing techniques to achieve the desired design and texture.

Our custom chenille patches are tailored to your unique design. Select your preferred size, shape, and border type, then upload your artwork – we'll transform your concept into a plush, textured patch.

  • Letterman Jackets: The most traditional use case, chenille patches are often sewn onto letterman jackets to signify achievement in high school and college sports.
  • Uniforms: Used on military, police, and other service uniforms to indicate rank, unit, or specialization.
  • School Apparel: Besides jackets, chenille patches are used on school sweaters, bags, and hats to represent school logos, mascots, or clubs.
  • Sports Teams: Beyond high school and college, these patches can be found on professional sports teams' merchandise, including caps, bags, and team jackets.
  • Corporate Branding: Companies use chenille patches on promotional apparel or bags as part of their branding strategy.
  • Unique Texture and Appearance: Chenille patches stand out due to their unique, fluffy texture which adds depth and an appealing tactile quality not found in other patch types.
  • Vintage Appeal: They have a classic, retro look that can make any item appear more established or nostalgic, which is great for vintage-inspired fashion or branding.
  • Durability: Made from tightly woven yarns, chenille patches are durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring they last as long as the garment or item they’re attached to.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from varsity jackets and sweaters to hats and bags, chenille patches can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and designs to fit any style.
  • Vibrant Colors: The chenille yarns absorb dyes well, resulting in rich, vibrant colors that catch the eye and don’t fade easily over time.
  • 3D Effect: The looped, piled nature of the yarn gives these patches a distinctive 3D effect, making logos, letters, and designs pop out for a more impactful visual.
  • Softness: Unlike some other patch types, chenille patches are soft to the touch, which makes them comfortable to wear, especially on clothing.
  • Customization: With a wide range of customization options, from color to design intricacy, chenille patches can be tailored to meet very specific aesthetic or branding requirements.
  • High-Visibility Branding: Thanks to their bold and distinctive look, they are an excellent tool for branding, capable of drawing more attention to your logo or message than flat, printed designs.

Our chenille patches can be attached easily with a heat press, streamlining the application process. There's no requirement for sewing or the application of glue, which can lead to peeling issues.

The advantage of being able to use a heat press for your chenille patches is that they can be securely attached to almost any type of fabric. This offers great flexibility for any event, organization, or purpose. Although our heat press backing is the most popular option, we also provide peel and stick and velcro options for chenille patches, giving you additional versatility in how you apply them.

The required heat and pressure levels for pressing chenille patches may vary based on the specific fabric or garment you are attaching the patch to. Please consult our pressing instructions for detailed information.

At Ninja Patches, our chenille patches boast unparalleled quality, crafted with durable, vibrant materials to perfectly meet your custom requirements. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, these patches are designed for easy application to any garment, ensuring they remain resilient through even the most rigorous industrial washes. At Ninja Patches, we're committed to delivering top-tier custom chenille patches with unparalleled speed. Elevate your style with our chenille patches today!