We recommend watching the video above for step-by-step pressing instructions

Step-By-Step Pressing Instructions

  1. Position Your Patch: Since your hat will be facing upwards when it’s getting pressed, place your patch onto the desired area on your hat and secure it by taping it to the hat with Thermal Tape (heat resistant tape). 
  2. Load Hat Onto Hotronix® 360 IQ™ Hat Press: Now that the patch is taped onto the hat, it’s time to load your hat onto the press. With the brim of your hat pointing upwards, fit the hat around the lower platen, as if the lower platen is actually wearing the hat. Lay a protective guard sheet over the patch and tape it into place. This will protect the patch from any potential heat damage while pressing.
  3. Press: Set the top platen heat of your press to 280°F and the bottom platen heat to 320°F. You’ll then want to enter the pressure settings. The Hotronix® 360 IQ™ Hat Press allows you to manually input your desired pressure settings on a scale from 1-9 on the front screen. We’ve found that medium pressure (4-6) yields the best results. After entering the heat and pressure settings, set the timer on your press to 45 seconds. Then, lower the top platen to lock your hat into place and initiate the pressing process. Once the 45 seconds are up, lift the top platen and allow the hat to cool for 30 seconds before removing from the press. This allows the melted glue to solidify, thereby bonding it to your hat.

Additional Details

For Hat Presses With Top Platen Heat Only

If you're using a hat press that only has top platen heat, we recommend setting the heat to 340°F and pressing for 45 seconds with hard pressure. This additional heat from the top platen will melt the low-melt glue on the back of your patch, without the need for bottom platen heat.

Note: For silicone patches, top and bottom heat is REQUIRED for the patch to correctly adhere to the hat. Top heat only will burn the silicone, even if a teflon sheet is used to cover it.

Washing Instructions

Ninja Patches are crafted to endure up to 50 home washes. Use cold water when machine washing.


Ninja Patches recommends testing the best combination of heat seal parameters before application. Ninja Patches is not liable for any damages to garments during the application process.