Woven Patches

Our Woven Patches offer best of both worlds! Thread & Flexibility while maintaining the traditional look. We offer you our interlaced weaving process with intricate designs without the need of fabric.

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Watch - Apply with a Heatpress
Watch - Apply with a Heatpress
Woven  Closeups
Woven Closeups
Patch Size Guide
Patch Size Guide
  • Product
    Preferred Size
  • Hat Square/Circle Patch
    2 inches
  • Hat Rectangle Patch
    4 inches
  • Front Left Chest Shirt
    4 inches
  • Sleeve
    3 inches
  • Back Neckline
    3 inches

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Fine Detail and Clarity

Fine Detail and Clarity

Vibrant Color Options

Vibrant Color Options

Traditional Look & Feel

Traditional Look & Feel

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Beautiful Quality Every Time
Thread & Flexibility while maintaining the traditional look
Available in up to 65 colors


Woven patches are decorative embellishments made by weaving threads together to create intricate designs on a fabric base. These patches offer a unique texture and appearance compared to embroidered or laser-etched patches, making them a distinctive choice for customization and personalization.

Woven patches are crafted using specialized machines that weave threads together on a fabric substrate. A digital design or pattern guides the machine in interlocking threads of different colors to form the desired design. The result is a finely woven, detailed patch with a smooth surface.

  • Fine Detail: Woven patches can reproduce intricate details and small text accurately due to their weaving process.
  • Durability: These patches are long-lasting and can withstand wear, making them suitable for high-activity applications.
  • Lightweight: Our custom woven patches are thin and lightweight, making them ideal for adhering to garments without adding bulk.
  • Versatility: They can be customized with various colors and designs to match specific branding or personal preferences.
  • Texture: The woven texture adds visual and tactile interest to the patches.
  • Apparel: Woven patches are commonly used on clothing, uniforms, and accessories like caps and bags to display logos, affiliations, or artwork.
  • Branding: Businesses use woven patches to promote their brand on products such as jackets, polo shirts, or hats.
  • Sports and Teams: Our custom woven patches are a popular choice for sports teams and fans to represent team spirit or commemorate achievements.
  • Military and Scouts: These patches are often used to indicate rank, accomplishments, or membership in organizations like the Boy Scouts.

Our custom woven patches can be heat applied using a heat press (most popular), or can have a peel & stick backing for ease. 

The heat and pressure required to apply your woven patch will vary depending on the type of garment you are pressing onto. View our pressing instructions for woven patches for more details.

Woven patches offer a distinct and tactile approach to customization and personalization. Their ability to reproduce fine details and durability make them a preferred choice for a wide range of applications, from branding to personal expression. Whether sewn onto clothing or used as adhesive-backed accessories, custom woven patches provide a unique way to make a statement and add character to various items.

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