How To Iron On Patches

How To Iron On Patches

Apr 04, 2024Brooke Webber

Patches have long been a stylish and exciting way to personalize different types of items and clothing. Custom patches can add a touch of personality to your wardrobe, can show off your interests or could even mend a little tear in your favorite clothing. 

While some types of patches require sewing on, our custom patches here at Ninja Patches can be applied using a heat press or an iron. In this article, we’re going to break down how to iron on patches, giving you step by step breakdown of exactly what you need to do to apply your patches. 

Table Of Contents: 

  • Step By Step To Apply Iron On Patches
  • The Cooling Process
  • How To Apply Onto Thicker Fabrics
  • Caring For Your Iron On Patches
  • Conclusion 

Step By Step To Iron On Patches

Applying iron-on patches is as easy as 1,2,3! Follow our step-by-step instructions below: 

Step 1: Prepare Your Garment

Before you begin, select the garment or fabric item you wish to apply the patches to. Make sure to lay the garment completely flat on the ironing board. Smooth out any wrinkles and creases to ensure the material is as level as possible. This is important to ensure the patch adheres correctly to the fabric. 

Step 2: Positioning The Patch 

Once your garment is prepared, it’s time to place your patch! 

Decide on your exact location for the patch, and lay it down straight. Make sure that the design is facing up. If you’re using a patch that has a heat-sealing backing, then ensure that the adhesive side is in contact with the fabric. Once your patch is in position, consider securing it with thermal tape. This will help to stop the patch from moving during the pressing process and can be easily removed once the patch is applied. 

Step 3: The Ironing Process

Now your patch is properly positioned and secured, flip the garment so that the patch is against the ironing board. 

Depending on the garment’s care label, adjust the iron to the maximum temperature setting. Place a thin cloth or other protective sheet over the backside of the garment. This will help to safeguard the fabric that you are pressing onto. Press down with a firm pressure using the maximum temperature for a period of 20-25 seconds. Do not move the iron back and forth like you would if you were ironing regularly, this can stop the heat from being properly applied. 

Watch our video to see our step by step process in action!

The Cooling Down Process 

Your patch should now be applied. However it is important to allow for both the garment and the patch to cool down completely, for at least 30 seconds. 

This will help to allow the adhesive to solidify and create a strong bond between the patch and the fabric. Once your patch and garment have been completely cooled, you will be ready to remove the thermal tape. 

How To Iron On Patches On Thicker Fabrics

If you’re looking to apply patches such as embroidered patches onto a thicker fabric, such as a hoodie or a jacket, then you may find that the patch doesn’t adhere after the first press with an iron. This is why we recommend using a heat press to apply more heat to the press. 

There is an alternative way to press these using an iron however. Tape the patch as before but rather than turning the garment over so the patch is on the ironing board, flip it inside out. Place a protective sheet over it as normal and iron on the reverse side for approximately 40 seconds with hard pressure. This helps to ensure the heat properly penetrates the material and secures the patch. 

Our patches can be applied to any material. 

Caring For Your Iron On Patches

Our iron on patches are designed specifically for durability and we strongly recommend using a heat press rather than an iron for all of our patch types to ensure longevity. It’s also important to properly care for your patches by washing them inside out and on gentle cycles with no abrasive detergents that could impact the adhesive. Our Ninja Patches are crafted specifically to withstand up to 25 home washes. Always use cold water to preserve the fabric and adhesive integrity. 


Customizing your garments with iron-on patches are a fun and creative way to show off your business, express your personality or give your customers a little something extra. By following these step by step instructions, you can ensure that your patches are securely attached and stay vibrant wear after wear. 

Remember, the key to successful patch application is preparation, precision and proper care. 

If you are having trouble applying your patches, speak to a member of our expert team today. 

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